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2019-09-10 1ilsangDaily

check list

Today, I will talk about my plan.


  • OPIc
  • JS Expert
  • Algorithm
  • Activity
  • Travel

This is my goal. I’m going to write about the process of achieving goals on this blog using Ensligh! emoji-ghost
I want to interact with foreign developers. So, most of my plans will be about English.

I will finish this by year-end.


— I want to speak English well.

  • OPIc - IH
  • Steadily post my plans in English on this.

JS Expert

— I’m back-end developer using Node.js. So, I want to be an expert in Node.js. Therefore, I chose some books.

  • Book) Node.js Design Pattern.
  • Book) You don’t know JS. (1, 2)

I will review these books and post some key concepts.


— In my opinion, Algorithm is a basic kill for Developers. So, I’m focusing on it.

  • Study) Solving online judge like LeetCode.
  • Study) Posting about Data Structure.


— I hope to meet many developers. Therefore, I will join an IT club or go to seminars. And I want to visit famous IT cities like Silicon Valley.

  • Activity) IT club || Seminar
  • Travel) California || Singapore

Please keep eyes on me. I’m eager to succeed.

emoji-star Thanks!